All Sampletank sounds used can't be found

Hello everyone!

After updating allmost “everything” (new MacPro, OSX, C5 to C6 etc.) eveything works well again, exept for one very disturbing issue: when I open an old song (wich was made in SX3 or in C5) all the sounds wich I used with Sampletank are “gone” when opening a song I can see that I have used ST and in the instrument list it shows
!!! SampleTank2.x!!! so it hasn’t been loaded: I have actually also an older version of ST in the instrumentlist to choose from (SampleTank2 and SampleTank 2x) so I choose SampleTank2x (the other one I have to registrate again and don’t have any registrations left with ST, but I could use it in demo mode, but there the used sounds are not there either)

All instruments/sounds are there to choose from, but C6 has “forgotten” wich sounds (and maybe the tweeks) I have used.
So what I must do then, is to guess what kind of sound it was (drums or a piano or whatever) and after that I must try to remember wich drums or wich piano it was.

This is of course a very annoying and painstaking job and can take a lot of time, when there’s about 35 GB of sounds to choose from and a lot of songs to find out!

Can someone help me with this? Is there a way to recover all the sounds used in my songs?
I was preparing to master the songs coming weeks and make CD’s out of them…
I’m on a MacPro, using Snow Leopard.

Thanks in advance!

I have been there too (I think it was in the same circumstances)… but I’m not sure I can remember exactly how I sorted it out now, sorry.
Anyways, I’d recommend doing the following on a copy of your Project (make the copy directly, before opening it in Cubase)… I really can’t remember if, eventually, the original Project was completely recovered, or if SampleTank2 was back, but with its Project settings lost.
You should, however, be able to get rid of the warning “!!! SampleTank2.x !!!” simply by emptying the slot and reloading it (but that will mean that you will have lost your settings for that Project). You may also have to get ST2 to rescan its Instruments folder (I think that, here, it originally appeared to be empty, but, in the end, everything was still there.)
Not sure how you’d get your Project settings back though… I always make notes and/or save new ST2 presets if I have edited them in any way, so I need only reload the new preset.

As regards the ST2 license, you can always delete any old, unused ones, and so recover your license count.

Merci beaucoup Vic-France, but that’s the trouble: I can get rid of the !!!SampleTank2.x!!! by just opening another ST in the instrumentslist and there all my sounds are there in the browser of ST and I can pick a sound, but wich one did I use???!
Or I just could leave the !!!ST!!! and open next to it another ST, but again: wich sound did I use?!
I think somewhere there must be a little file on my computer wich directs me to the sounds used: but where? and wich file?
If I could just open the song in SX3 again, I could see wich sounds I used, but I think SX3 doesn’t work in SnowLeopard (am I correct?!)
When I try to open SX3 it starts to open, but then stops and doesn’t open.
Also I opened some old songs in C6 and chose for the new C6 saving, so I can’t open them in SX3 anyway anymore.

That is probably because of some incompatible plugin. Rename your VST Plugin folder(s), create a new one, and put a copy of SampleTank2 in there.
SX3 should at least open now (with all the other plugins missing, except ST2 :wink: ) It would run via Rosetta, so performance would be far from brilliant, but at least you would have been able to read the Project.

Also I opened some old songs in C6 and chose for the new C6 saving, so I can’t open them in SX3 anyway anymore.

Do you not even have a previous version of the Project? (although I’m not even sure that you wouldn’t have gotten the same problem in SX3 anyways)

Always name your Cubase MIDI tracks something “useful” :wink:.

I’ll go try that!
I hope I have some backups of the songs somewhere and try to open them in SX3

Yeah; about the naming of the miditracks: I found that out somewhile ago too, but of the most early songs I didn’t relise that yet and I use Cubase since the Atari’s…
My problem is that I want to make/record music and don’t get that deep into the technical side, but that is a dream nowadays;-)

Pff, that’s easier sayd than done: I’ll go try that…
How do I actually do that? Rename your VST Plugin folder(s), create a new one, and put a copy of SampleTank2 in there.
I’m affraid my other VST’s don’t work nomore in C6!

Sorry… I meant as a temporary measure, while trying to open SX3. You should put everything back as it was when finished :slight_smile:.
Renaming the folders was simply to prevent SX3 from trying to load a non-compatible VST plugin.
In the Mac’s Finder, there are two locations… a global one and another one inside your username account…
Library/Audio/PLugins/VST (rename it to, say “VST-”) then create a new folder, named “VST”. Find SampleTank2.x.vst inside the “VST-” folder (it was probably inside the global one), and copy it to the new “VST” folder.

Oh yeah, of course, sure…
Found out that global thing and the other location as well sometimes ago; that’s a confusing one!
I have different VST-maps…
I wish some wizard would come overnight and sort all the junk on my HD’s out; some are there from OS6 or 7!
Too afraid to trow things away…

I’ve managed to open SX3 after I changed the VST folder name; that worked; at least I’ve learned again something today!
But… there I couldn’t find the ST’s sounds no more as well.

Guess it has to do with that in my ignorance I somewhere in the past uninstalled ST and installed back again.

And I guess that ST and not Cubase keeps record on a little file of the sounds used: am I right? can somebody enlighten me on this?
It would mean that for all the songs, I have to search for sounds that come close or are the same!
I think I’m going to kill myself ;-(

No, I don’t think you did anything wrong. It is possible that your original Project was last saved while you were using an earlier build of SampleTank2.x, but that shouldn’t really cause any problem).
Was your previous Mac a PPC Mac (G5, or even G4,…i.e. pre-Intel)? I have a feeling that the incompatibility stems from there (and nothing you can do about it :wink: )
I don’t suppose you still have your old Mac available? (just for the length of time to read those Projects, and note down which ST2 presets you used :wink: )

And I guess that ST and not Cubase keeps record on a little file of the sounds used: am I right? can somebody enlighten me on this?

Unless you actually stored a ST2 Multi (performance?), then the only place that the ST2 contents for that Project are stored is in the Project itself, and if, for whatever reason, Cubase no longer recognizes the plugin, it won’t relate the contents.)

Yes: that’s the case; about half a year ago I switched from G5 to Mac pro 1st gen. and a month later to again Mac pro 8 core.
So there’s nothing I can do? that s…cks… :imp:
I took some holliday-days to master my tracks and finaly make cd’s out of it; think I can forget that: some songs take a day or more only to sort the sounds of ST out.
Don’t have the old Mac nomore :frowning:
Well I try to see it from the sunny side: maybe some new sound make the songs even better :smiley:
And… this is the 1st time in my life I use smilies!

Thanks for helping me out Vic!