All selected tracks not showing in MIDI editor

I’m a long time cubase user. I’m usually on my desktop but today I’m trying to do some work on my laptop.
I’m selecting two MIDI tracks and opening them in the MIDI editor. For some reason, it’s only clearly showing me one selected part at a time. The other part is greyed out.-like the notes are muted, but they aren’t. Usually I can easily see all parts. What’s going on? Thanks!


Could you please attach a screenshot, how does it look like, if you select the other MIDI Part from the Activate Part for Editing list in the Key Editor?

I can just tell you what happens. The other part becomes colored and easily visible and the part that was visible becomes very light in color-looking like muted notes. So I’m able to toggle between them like normal, but they are never both clearly visible. It’s very odd.


The colorise in the Key Editor is set to Volume, right?

You mean velocity? Yep…

Here’s a quick video I made showing it. Maybe there is some preference set somewhere on this laptop? So weird.


Actually even the selected notes look weird. There is no black frame around, like if the notes belong to the inactivate part.

Could you try to disable the Note Expression editor in the Key Editor window, please?

Could you try to disable the preferences in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

Ah disabling note expression did it! Thanks for tracking that down for me.

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