all separate voicies in one page?

Can someone give me suggestions if it is possible to do this:
In order to save unnecessary printing (planetary worries obliges!), I often make short didactic arrangements for 3 instruments and I would like to have on a page all the separate parts in order to print a single page and then cut out if ever? like in the pictures:
1page for the score, second page the other instruments
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In Setup mode, create a custom layout (do not forget to select the players and flow you want to appear on it).
In Engrave mode, create a new master page, insert 3 music frames (one for each player) and filter the players in the music frames.
In the new layout insert a Master page change with the new created master page.

Since the OP is asking this question, it is very likely he hasn’t noticed how to do what rafael suggests:

to filter players on a music frame, change to Engrave Mode and engage Frame editing mode on your left hand panel (the second of the lefthandmost icons, below “Graphical Editing” and above “Staff Spacing”). This will make some blue overlays appear in the top left corner of music frames. You will have to unlink these frames from the Master chain (MA) in the first drop down menu, and then you should be able to filter them by Player.

Per LSalgueiro’ suggestion…

Thanks to all for the explanations