All The Dorico's Menus

I came across this thread.

Is there anywhere a document - ideally searchable as in Dan’s doc - which literally lists every menu in every mode… from ‘Dorico > File New’ all the way to rightwards through Dorico’s Modes to ‘Script > Attach debugger’.

Searching would allow you to… find the location of any command. Alphabetising perhaps as well.

Sorting by Mode and Menus from left to right would be useful as well.

Am I missing something which already exists, please?


No, I don’t think so.

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Recommend using Jump instead, AFAIK basically everything is in there and it’s way faster than mousing.


Please correct me if I’m wrong @MarkSealey but are you after somewhere to search, for example, a menu in Engraving Options (which you can search for in Engraving Options)? Or a command that you can activate eg make noteheads x (that you can search for in key commands, or likely jump bar)?


Well, I too would love to have a consolidated search capability. Like, there are frequently times where I’m trying to adjust something, and I think “that makes sense in Engraving Options” or “I would think that would be a menu function” - only to not find it, google about the internet or search the forums, to find that it’s located in Layout Options! It can be a bit frustrating to search dynamics in three places trying to find something, when a search function that would actually pop up all “dynamics” related Options would make it much easier and faster to find.

The jump bar might be good for getting to Engraving Options quickly, but it doesn’t reveal all “rests” related Options, and it’s often quite subjective whether something makes more sense as an Engraving vs a Layout vs a Menu Command.

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Thanks, @DanMcL, @DanielMuzMurray and @Composerbell!

My reasons are these:

  1. Dorico has become so rich in features that I for one know I’m not using as many as I would like; and this is hampering productivity - not to say, probably - creativity. I have a feeling that if there were a list of… what amounts (if you think about it) to most of what Dorico can do, I know I could get more out of my use of it
  2. as you say, @Composerbell, how often do we know of the existence of a function, but cannot quite remember where; although of course Dorico’s designers have succeeded in making the manus as logical as possible, I’d say
  3. Yes to the Jump bar - agreed; but, again, a comprehensive list with descriptions of just how much is possible across the entire interface would aggregate it all in one place as a set of possibilities, rather than a means to achieve them.

Such a list would also - I think legitimately - add to a sense that we, at least potentially, are aware of everything… that Dorico can do, of course :slight_smile: !

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Yes, I was just checking that this is what you meant. I completely understand.

In the time we talked about it here we could have made a bunch of quick screen grabs of all the menus - why not go for it and post it here in a document? Not alphabetical but so what, you just want a survey anyhow, and it being the internet no doubt somebody would be happy to translate that into a list for you.

Thank you, Daniel - I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear: your comments appreciated :slight_smile:

Rereading your post, and thinking about mine some more, I do believe that all I’m after - in the first place - is a just full list of what is where.

Then we could be sure we’re not overlooking, say, a technique or operation that we didn’t know was possible.

After all, I’d have thought that 90% of all the menu items are (and always have been) self-explanatory. It’s a question, I think, of:

  • knowing what exists
  • knowing where to find it.



I wish I thought so too :slight_smile:

I looked in Write (admittedly a menu-heavy Mode): there are 184 top level menus; I’d imagine a grand total of maybe 250 items in that Mode alone… some testament to the richness of Dorico, isn’t it.

OCR software could presumably translate the images so grabbed into text. And then they could easily be alphabetized.

But -

what I’m hoping for is a lookup table (Yes in a spreadsheet perhaps) that contains:

  • the whereabouts of each menu item (Dorico Mode and depth level)
  • a brief description of each menu item’s purpose
  • the group (instrumentation, Layout, a setting, an action etc) of each menu item

Make sense?

I think you’re overdoing this, but anyhow looks like if you want it you gotta do it. Good luck!

I had one clever idea - might be possible using Lua to sniff out them all. Without looking my guess is that they might have all of these in some data structure - an array, list or a table, and you could iterate through it. Might need to do this recursively.

I don’t have the time or interest (so don’t ask!) but hitting a couple menus in the debugger should show you the command, from which the data structure might be something that could be used, and then recursively looped over and printed out.

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