All tracks in key editor ? THANKS for large orchestrations!

Something I miss over the years is a simple way to access / see ALL the tracks in the key editor.

I write orchestral / film music, and use to work on large orchestrations. Keeping an eye on all notes helps a lot. If there was an easy way to display all of them, and keep that open. Possibly as a second key editor window.

At the moment it is very tedious. I can manually select the root folder and open. But if I add a new track it does not update. If I want to isolate a container and edit in key editor, I lose the all-tracks-view. If I want to display it again, I have to scroll my large template up to the root folder, and hit again…

Select all of the parts you want to edit and double click on one part and all of them are visible in the Key Editor.
You can restrict the Key Editor to only let you edit one part at a time.
There is a shortcut you can assign to go from one part to the next or previous in a stack, and the stack is visible in the Key Editor as a drop down list.
Unless I misread your post entirely? :smiley:

Hey, thanks for responding. That is what I do at the moment.

But there is no easy way to recall that view. If I add a new track it’s not included. If I edit a container individually, I have to make the selection again.

And selecting all tracks also opens audio ones in their editor.

I use a macro as workaround, even this way it is not steady and half of times does not open correctly all tracks in the editor.