All tracks receive MIDI data

I would like to continue working on my project with a LaunchKey Mini and Cubasis 3.4.3 (ios). The Launchkey is recognized, but I have the following strange phenomenon: When I press the keys, all tracks receive the midi signal although I have only selected one track. It is like this with all projects.
Can anyone explain this and knows advice.
THX a lot

Help file -->Setup–>MIDI–>MIDI input Only for Armed Track.


Hi @veldrijder,

Thanks for your message.
And thanks to @cubaser for the input… excellent :slight_smile:

Does this help to resolve your problem?


this was also my first idea - but it didn’t work at first.
But it was my mistake, “something :wink:” turned off the General>Arm selected track and my tracks were displayed so small that I didn’t see the recordbutton. :crazy_face:
Thanks for your help and Best regards

Hi @veldrijder,

Thanks for your message.
Glad to hear you’ve been able to resolve the issue yourself.

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