All VST Instruments Times out .. still unsolved..

was forced to switch on to win 10 , lost some hardware due to drivers, had this issue before , now after re installation ,. all the Vsti times out in a matter of minutes , some play at very low volume… , tried to install the suggested Yamaha driver for this , the said driver will not install…
I am on Cubase Pro 9.5 , Absolute 3, Groove agent 4 , Halionsonic 1, and halion 4, was suggested on the forum to add speccy , added below…
hard ware used , Zoom R8 sound card , Evolution MK-361c , now running thru midi of Motu Microlite. only groove agent stock plays fine… on patterns only .
ok unable to upload specks so here goes , Hardware Asus motherboard 8 core AMD 24 GB RAM

I wonder if your VSTs are installed on a different drive that is set to automatically sleep or hibernate to save power?

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