All windows dont retain position

With Cubase 8.5 on OSX 10.11.3

If the Mix Console is placed into a separate monitor and then closed, when reopening it, the Mix Console appears in the main monitor and does not retain its original position. The same thing occurs with other window like plugin, vst instrument, key editor etc… See the youtube video I have made about this issue

1.) Open Mix Console
2.) Place Mix Console window in separate monitor
3.) Close Mix Console
4.) Press F3
5.) Mix Console opens in main monitor, not separate monitor

I have tried to remove the entire Cubase folder from ~/Library/Preferences/ and the problem still persists.

Anyone has any ideals?

The same has been reported by many, the position of the mixer is not recorded somehow, also not on safe. There is another thread about this:

Sternberg - please - this is absolute basic behaviour, during a session as much as when opening existing documents. Positions must be saved during a session as well as with the document.