Allen & Heath GS-R24M midi problem

I just acquired an Allen & Heath GS-R24M mixer and cannot get Cubase to respond to the midi data. The mixer responds when the faders in Cubase are moved but when I move a fader on the mixer Cubase won’t respond. It’s probably a simple setting I am missing. I know there have been problems with the touch sensing faders but this is different because the mixer is sending midi information just fine, Cubase just doesn’t respond.

What am I missing? I followed all of the setup info and loaded their Cubase template, but no joy as yet.

I’m using Windows 7 and Cubase 9.01.

Going from scratch.

  1. Check that you have enabled the write button on the gsr24m.
  2. Check that you use the correct midi input on the controller mapping in cubase.
  3. Check that you are transmitting the right midi channel to the control mapping.

I bet the error is some place between step 1 to 3.

Thanks! I’ll give it a go. My brain is still frizzed getting the 300 point patch bay wired up. I figure it’s something simple I missed.

Well, nothing yet, I’ve got the Gs-r24m transmitting on channel 16 and using generic remote I have channel 16 selected for each fader, but the gr-r24m responds to the fader being lowered in Cubase but when I move the fader n the Gs-r24m I get no movement from the Cubase fader. I’ve got the fader read and write selected on the Gs-r24m.

Did you download this from A&H?

Seems to be a fair amount of info about setting up what you need in there. That board was a pretty versatile bit of kit. Too bad they discontinued it.

Thanks for the response Weasel. Yes, I had downloaded that info, installed all the drivers and the Cubase template they provided, but just can’t get Cubase to respond to the midi data from the console.

I can’t get my keyboard to transmit midi into Cubase through the mixer either so I think the FireWire card is bad. Anybody know who works on these?

Hey just wondering if u ever got the board set up and running well on cubase? I’m looking at buying one second hand with the FireWire card. Lot of mixed reports from amazing to nightmare, thanks

Allen and Heath_GS R24M Midi Remote Script 040822.midiremote (12.2 KB)
Here is a Midi Remote Script I created for the Allen and Heath GS R24M for the new Cubase 12 Midi Remote, which will replace the generic midi interface in the studio setup section (which is ultimately being retired/phased out). I could not find any generic scripts for this desk online, but watched a ton of videos and put this together. There are 2 pages to this script. The first assigns the Solo/Select buttons to be Solo for the track. On the 2nd page, the Solo/Select buttons toggle Mute for the selected track… This script will load correctly into a project with 24 audio tracks. If this is confusing, there are a ton of YouTube videos which review the features and setup of these scripts.
I’ve just set one up for this particular interface to save you the trouble. Hope this helps. RockDoc

Here is an updated and improved Midi Remote Script for the Allen and Heath GS R24M board. In this version I figured out how to get the software to send midi to move the motorized faders when the faders are moved in Cubase 12. Hope this helps someone.

Allen and Heath_GS R24M Midi Remote Script 041122.midiremote (23.9 KB)

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Hello RockDoc,
I know it’s quite a while ago now, but is it possible for you to convert your updated MIDI Script into an xml file (or as an "save as " from Cubase 12) so that I can try to use it in Cubase 10 pro?
That would really help me.