Allen heath QU 24

Hi all
I stumbled over this video

Can anyone help with a template for Cubase Elements 8
so i can use my Allen Heath qu 24 I have no problem recording but i would love to take full advantage of my consol…

Cheers S. Kelly


Are you on Windows? I already make the setup for one user here on forum. Please, search for the QU 24 here on the forum. I think, he shared the setup.

If you cannot find it, contact me via PM, please.

Hi Martin, thanks a million for your quick reply, yeah i´m on windows 10, Sorry cant seem to find your template, found other threads regarding the same subject but with no luck…

could you please send it to me…
cheers Soren Kelly


This is the thread. But as I can see, Da-Ran didn’t share it. But I have the settings stored, somewhere… :slight_smile: You will need the dedicated application, which A&H recommend. Or I can provide you a dedicated application for you only.

how does it work when you say you can provide me ?

Send me your email address via PM, and I will send it to you.