Allen & Heath ZED 10FX?


I am trying to use an Allen & Heath ZED10FX with Cubasis but for some reason my Cubasis is not detecting the A&H mixer? I’ve downloaded MusicStudio Lite and Focusrite Tape to check if it is a problem is outside Cubasis but the ZED records perfectly within these apps without any settings changed. The microphone input is enabled for Cubasis but it’s not detecting the ZED and no audio is being recorded!


sorry to hear it is not working… I will investigate on this issue for you.


Thanks Ricardo. It does seem odd that the ZED works perfectly with the other DAW’s but not Cubasis?

Hi dickiefunk,

Allen & Heath states the device to be compatible with Cubasis.

Did you check the inspector routing settings in Cubasis making sure your audio tracks are routed correctly?

Furthermore please double check the privacy settings of iOS:

  • Go to “Settings/Privacy”
  • Choose “Microphone” from the list located on the right
  • Make sure the “Cubasis” entry is enabled

Please get back to me if this helps to solve the problem.



I’m not sure about the inspector routing settings in Cubasis. How do I check these and what should they be set to?

The Microphone is definitely Cubasis enabled.

Hi dickiefunk,

Depending on the connected audio device Cubasis allows to assign MIDI and audio tracks to up to 24 individual inputs and outputs simultaneously. The assignment of these takes place per track in the routing tab of the inspector (located to the left of the track list).

Please give the following steps a try:

1 - Restart your iPad
2 - Connect the audio device to your iPad
3 - Launch Cubasis
4 - Create a new project
5 - Create an audio track and make sure it is selected
6 - Open the “Routing” tab in the Inspector
7 - Tab the number below the field “Mono input” to open the “Mono Inputs” matrix

This matrix shows up with the available inputs. If the audio device has been detected properly you should be able to select the desired input for your recording task.

Please let me know about your progress.


Hi dickiefunk,

The german distributor of Allen & Heath have sent me a reply regarding the case (and confirmed to be in touch with you about the issue already).

Allen + Heath does not give any guarantee for the use of their devices with integrated USB interface on iOS (or Android). It seems to work in some cases but does not in others.

We will receive a testing device to give it a short check, but have to rely on the manufacturers in the end.

Please let me have more details what iPad (plus info about iOS and Cubasis version number) you have in use.


Same issue here, trying to use Cubasis with ZED 10FX.

Cubasis 1.9 (latest version on app store)
Apple iPad Air MD788LL/A 16GB Wi-Fi
iOS 8.1 (12B410)
Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter
Allen & Heath ZED 10FX

GarageBand is able to record sound and playback over USB using the ZED 10FX, though sometimes it freezes and I need to unplug and replug the USB adapter to get it responsive again. But it is definitely able to communicate with the 10FX.

Cubasis works fine without the 10FX plugged in, but as soon as I plug it in the playback goes quiet. I am also unable to record any sound from it.

Cubasis is enabled in Settings/Privacy → Microphone, and works fine with the builtin microphone.

Inspector routing settings show stereo input 1+2 and stereo output 1/2, both are enabled but I can’t hear anything on the 10FX or get any sound through to Cubasis from it. Under Setup → Audio, Input Gain shows “No device” when the 10FX is connected, but goes back to a slider when I disconnect it.

Any help you could provide would be welcome, Cubasis looks pretty neat but is a nonstarter if I can’t get any sound to it.

We expect to receive a testing device from A+H in early April and will keep you updated about the testing results.

Hi Guys,
I’ve recently purchased the new Zedi 10FX to use with my iPad and Cubase, however… there’s no audio signal being received by Cubase. The Zedi works perfectly with a Mac laptop into GarageBand, and is acknowledged by iPad Cubase as the sound card, can play sound out but no audio going in.

So just seeing if there was any update from last year on this?

Hi Drae_Leighton,

Please note that you have posted your message in the Cubasis forum (our iOS app).

Please come up with a new topic in the Cubase forum.
Furthermore I suggest to get in touch with A&H regarding the issue.


Hello! I use Cubase 9 elements with windows 10. Cubase sees the new audio driver, but once I try to switch from Generic Low Latency Asio Driver to ZEDi Asio Driver there is a sign ‘‘No device is connected to PC’’. Please, tell me what should I do?

Hi vihroto,

Please post your question in the Cubase Elements forum: Cubase - Steinberg Forums
This forum is about Cubasis LE, Steinberg’s mobile music production system for the iOS platform.