Alliance between Harrison, Yamaha and Steinberg

I had a Harrison Console in a Studio I owned . . oh . . a FEW years ago.

Harrison was one of the Kings of Film Mixing for ages. And for good reason.
I say “was” because I believe they have experienced a bit of increased competition over the last few years - not least of which is from Avid.

But given Yamaha/Steinberg’s obvious desire to slowly and methodically squeeze their way into that market - that’s the obvious motivation. Yamaha has Unlimited Resources and Steinberg has Post Software and Harrison has a World Class Track Record in Post. A Great Team.

And whatever the fruit of that partnership - hardware, software changes, etc - I’m sure it will be more aimed at that market because that’s where Harrison is a Titan.

I doubt it will be in the Composer/Small Studio/Prosumer (Cubase) market.

I could be wrong.


Thanks for the explanation. Had no idea, had only heard how nice it sounded.

Mixbus 3 works fine for me on my system, no problem with ASIO or anything else, it doesn’t recognize all my plugs but I knew that before I bought it…it’s on their forum,
regular updates (and Beta’s if you want them) and very responsive support…like, next day :slight_smile: …unlike some companies I could mention…

and for 79USD you can’t go wrong IMHO…dunno if it’s still 79USD though…

I second that my Mixbus 3 works fine and almost all of my plugins load and work fine, there’s some tips I could give you on getting more plugins to load, let me know

Thanks for the offer but MixBux has too many gaps. Can’t compare next to Cubase. Lesson learned. Should have researched more before purchasing.

Nobody…specially me is saying it comes anywhere near Cubase…it doesn’t!!

for non power users like me it’s a nice DAW and does what I need without any problems…so far anyway :slight_smile:
I’m back on Cubase now it’s running so well…but I feel better now I have a back up DAW if a Cubase update makes it go loopy again…

best, Kevin :slight_smile: