Allocating string desks to divisis

Dorico’s ‘divisi’ function is delightful.

I’ve a 2-voice divisi for ‘Violins 1’ (six players), and would like to assign the upper voice to desks 1&2, and the lower voice to desk 3. How can I indicate the desk assignment?

…If I use Shift-X to insert text, the assignment for both desks appears duplicated in both violin divisi parts. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The words ‘Desks 1&2’ should appear above the upper stave and ‘Desk 3’ above the lower stave.

It shouldn’t do:


You’re sure that text is after the Divisi flag? If it’s before, then the two staves are in unison, and the bottom staff is a duplicate.

Also, why is the first rest greyed out? Have you got Condensing on?

Am displaying ‘implicit rests’, in case these have seeped in from source XML file.

Shift-X text is appearing twice because this is a few bars before a divisi at the start of a score - thus Dorico is showing the divisi in readiness. - Not sure how to bypass this so as not to duplicate text. From what you say (helpfully), I could introduce the divisi earlier, to enable separate text allocation.

Still, Dorico should allow separate text per staff here.

Anything on the two staves prior to the divisi’s rhythmic position is automatically mirrored, this is known as a unison range. If you want to have different stuff on the two staves in an earlier bar, move the divisi earlier.

OK Lillie, thanks. :slight_smile: