Allow activated Marker Tracks to be merged/seen in project timeline

Yes I use this, but I’d rather it be used for something else. Like Midi top, Audio bottom.

Or, maybe give us more than one track divider…!?! :wink:

Could work.

It would just be nice to have some sort markings visible in the timeline showing where the markers of the activated marker track are.

Or maybe the Overview panel could be revised to handle this.

derrrr, I forgot about interference with punch-in/punch-out, so that would have to be worked around… but the idea is still valid, just would need a different graphic, maybe a line straight up and down.

Hi Resonant,

In my opinion, this would be a step in the direction of making the GUI more modular(or customizable). I thought you felt that this type of change was a bad idea for Steinberg to spend development time on. I personally like the idea of making the various GUI components dockable in different areas of GUI, but you seemed to be totally against the idea when it was suggested.

I wouldn’t classify this as modular, it’s more just properly associating time based markers within the timeline, which is pretty standard protocol.

To me, if you’ve every used a video program… Modular is like, every tab, column, window can be exfiltrated and repositioned anywhere thus shrinking other windows to allow it to fit.

This is mirroring one specific thing, to one specific spot.


I understand a little better now, it is not what I was thinking when you said docked in the original post. In my mind, I was thinking dockable like Wavelab which is what you said you didn’t want to see in Cubase. I am not opposed to this idea but not that excited about it either. Maybe I am missing the point here but why doesn’t placing these tracks above the track divider (as Puma mentioned) not accomplish the same thing you are asking for? It keeps them visible as you scroll through your other tracks below. I have my markers, ruler and chord track (along with any other tracks I want to remain visible) all above the track divider and they remain visible as I scroll through my other tracks in the project.

That is currently what I do, but sometimes I am using the track divider for other things and or, have multiple marker tracks. so in this case, only the activated marker track would show on the timeline.

it also in a way, frees up space.

+1 an annual request my many.

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cheers… I mean bumps to simple feature requests.

I think the idea of putting this in the Overview would be great… gives the Overview an actual purpose because it’s hardly ever used.