Allow blocked VST

Sorry if this is a stupid question, I am new to VSTs. How do you allow a blocked VST? In 3.5 the manual says to click the “Allow selected plug-ins” but I find no such option in 4.0.

scroll down a bit and you should see an arrow. Just click on the Blocked plug-in you want to move, then the arrow and it should move to the Allowed section. I’m not aware of any difference here between v3.5 and 4

Doh, thanks, completely missed that.

Doesn’t work for me. The VSTs are listed on the dialog in the screenshot, I successfully allow them, but they still don’t appear as drop-down options in my VST rack in Play Mode. I’m wondering why this window mentions only VST2 plug-ins, not VST3? Could that be the problem? Not sure how to tell if my MQ57 plug-in, for example, is VST2 or VST3. Mfr docs aren’t clear.
All I want to do is install a free parametric equalizer that doesn’t require me to set up an account with a software vendor (although at this point, I’d be willing to bend on that last issue). In fact, all I want to do is cut a half-octave centered around 35Hz by 3dB. The Dorico mixer’s EQ doesn’t seem to work, so I’d hoped that a simple VST plug-in would be easier than battling with an undocument function that simply stares at you when you click a control. After half a day of rat-in-a-mazing, I just want a quick-and-dirty solution so that I can get back to my deadline.
One other tack: Can anybody recommend a free Win64 plug-in that is known to install easily & work with Dorico 4?
Sorry if I’m coming across as snarly, but I am starting to lose my mind on a simple task that I’d expected to take just a few minutes. I’m usually quite lovable. (!)
PS – yes, I’ve cleared the engine cache & restarted Dorico. Many times…

Dorico 4.2 already includes a very good parametric EQ plug-in called Frequency. I suggest you give it a try.

That’s good news.! But where do I find it? I have Pro & thought I’d downloaded everything that came with the package.

In the Mixer window (not the lower zone Mixer), expand the Inserts section at the top of the output channel into which you want to load the plug-in, then from the menu, choose Frequency.

For help with using Frequency itself, please refer to its documentation:

Holy cow!! I would not have thought of that.
I just spent the time since my last posting touring through the various download assistants & forum entries trying to figure this out. The only thing I found on-point was a link from last year showing that Dorico did not work with Frequency.
Again, thank you so much for your help. I still haven’t actually tried to use the plug-in, but I’m definitely less snarly than I was a few hours ago!

“Getting where you want to go while driving blindfolded by crashing into things over and over until, by process of elimination, you finally get there.”

I am using Dorico 4. There is no Allowed VST 2 Plug-ins
in the preferences dialogue. BBCSO is not showing up in VST rack, even though successfully added the playback template and all the expression maps are there. Do you need my Dorico file? In fact, it is only showing one of my spitfire packages, although I have many.
Thanks, really trying. to get this to work

BBCSO is VST3 by now and should be picked up automatically. Can you please post a diagnostics report? Thanks