Allow contrast customization of midi editor's background


Does anyone know how to increase the contrast between horizontal lines (corresponding to black and white piano touches) of the background of the midi editor of Cubase 11 ? In the preferences I couldn’t find it.

I’ve eyes problem with colours and it’s very difficult for me to distinguish these lines so if anyone knew how to do so, that would be very helpful. Thanks

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Change the gridlines:
Edit > Preferences >User Interface >Color Schemes > Editor Area Background > Grid Lines

Ok thanks, that what I thought.
I hope they’ll allow this customization in a future release.

I’m sorry – what?

While the contrast can’t be modified the background color can of course be changed. When I see answers like this on the forum I refer to my boring refrain, first read the manual. I mean no offense, but getting and giving correct tutorial information is important.

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@charlus: I don’t have eye problems but still can’t see it very well :wink:
The tip by steve did improve it a little though…

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That’s clever thank you !

Indeed it helps !

Sorry. My bad.

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