Allow Cubase Pro licenses to run Cubase VST 5

The Cubase Pro license works with versions as old as Cubase SX 1, but for some reason not any version of Cubase VST 5. If you try to run Cubase VST, it will use your time-limited “All Applications” license instead of your Cubase license.

I think this is a no-brainer. You should be able to run Cubase VST to check how your very old projects were supposed to sound like and which VST plugins you were using, before using Cubase SX 3 to convert these projects into the current .cpr format. I think this would be a good incentive to get very old users to buy Cubase Pro, at least on Windows.

Thanks for the heads up on this, I had not noticed that, Would of used up all the all Apps trial time with out realising!

HI Romantique Tp,

I have noticed that if you run the Cubase VST plug-ins, In say cubase 8.5 pro 32bit. They run under the full licence. (Which is a life saver) I have a project using the Vocoder, Which ill need more time than I have trial left to finish!

Its not the whole sound of Cubase VST 32, as the older audio engine, and mixer / EQ will obliviously shape it.

Still I Completely agree would be idea if the Pro Licence would allow it to run permanently. Perhaps a mod / Developer could explain why its not at the moment?

I’m pretty sure the bundled plugins from that era don’t actually check the dongle at all. They started doing that in Cubase 4.