Allow different locations for ARA plugins


I have my Windows and Cubase Pro installed on drive Z:, as I use a dual boot system. Now comes the funny thing…I installed Melodyne Studio on my Z-Drive and it does appear as VST3, but not as ARA extension.

I have a workaround for those in a similar situation.
To make it visible, I did the following:

I copied the Celemony/Melodyne/Melodyne.vst3 to my C-Drive, inside the Common Files/VST3, and it does show up now as ARA Extension.

I assume, that the araservice.dll only looks at the C-Drive for the extension (for the time being), but when your system isinstalled to another drive/letter, it would not find it…until you move it to the C-Drive.

My feature Request would therefore be, to allow araservice.dll to look on other drives than only C:, as we not all install our system on drive C: .

Thanks for your attention.


I do understand your Feature Request. But be aware, officially it’s not supported to install Cubase to other but system C drive.