Allow Ducking for Group Channels

I’ve got six vocal (audio) tracks in a folder; the vocal folder has been assigned to a group channel. I want to apply the delay ducking technique to all six. Currently, I have no option but to duplicate the folder (hence duplicating all of the tracks) in order to apply this technique to each, i.e. route the duplicated tracks to the side sidechained compressor inserted into the delay return channel.

Duplicate the vocal group channel and apply the delay ducking to the duplicated channel.


  • Improve workflow

  • Possibly less strain on CPU

  • Less memory/storage usage

I’d love some feedback on my suggestion. I think it’s a no-brainer!

There are some plugins such as McDSP EC-300 that allow ducking built in. However, why are you putting the delay plugin on the group channel? You should set up an FX track and then route the vocal(s) to a side-chain compressor after the delay. Of course, there are other ways as well. But I think this should solve your problem.