allow for selectable side-chain inputs

Currently, when you activate the sidechain on a plugin, new sidechain bus gets created, unique to THAT plugin.
When you remove the plugin the bus goes away.

This might be handy for simple use, but it is very limiting.

For instance, if you want to feed the same signal to several processors’ sidechains, you’ll need to create a send for each of them. Say you have to do that for twenty processors. Nightmare.
Say you now decide you want to try a different compressor in stead… Nightmare.

In Pro Tools you can enable or disable the sidechain on plugins and YOU can choose which bus that sidechain listens to.
It can be unique for each plugin, or the same.
Flexible, the way it should be in my opinion.

I hope you agree. I can understand that you’d like to keep things simple for the basic version, but from the Pro version I expect more flexibility in the routing. In fact, I need it.

+1 been wishing this for years

I have to +1 this.

More flexible routing - yes please

Cool. Glad to see I’m not alone. Pro Tools smokes Cubase when it comes to this. I think Logic and probably Reaper too.
S1 is similar to Cubase in this regard.