Allow MULTIPLE drivers so that we can use different Input, Output and Monitor devices.

At the moment, I have to use the SAME DEVICE for my input and output and monitor sound.
It would be nice if I can use my Audio Interface for my INPUT, and my WIndows Desktop computer as my OUTPUT.

I dont want to have an extra speaker system plugged into my Audio INterface OUTPUT to playback my cubase music.
its annoying.

I would prefer to just playback through my Desktop Windows Speakers.

2 sets of speakers is annoying.

Multiple drivers is the answer.
I want to be able to select ONE driver for input and another driver for Output.

please :wink:

I thought I read somewhere in a review of the ARX4 that it uses two drivers in its operation. So clearly things moving in that direction.


I doubt you read that apart from the fact maybe that there will be USB 3 version and a TB version available.

Double drivers referred to on page 2 of a Sound On Sound review of the unit.


Ok, but that is nothing that allows Cubase to use different interfaces at the same time. And if i understand correctly, what is described there is possible with RME interfaces ever since. in that it let´s you set WDM devices from it´s control panel, that show up in Windows sound system.