Allow Nuendo to Use Soft Elicenser

The subject would say it all… except there’s more:

Once you’ve made soft-elicensing available for Nuendo:

Make the process of switching authorizations more elegant, as the iLok soft license manager does-- once your activation codes are in, and your machine is authorized to recognize them, don’t require inputting activation codes with every switch.

I move from mobile to desktop a lot; dongles break, wear out, get lost and protrude from laptops (dangerous when working on a plane or any other non-stable environment, which is often the whole reason for working on a laptop).

Why some pieces of Steinberg software, but not Nuendo? Please, let’s join the new millennium here!




And… as I unwrap the Scotch tape from my third replacement dongle in order to Superglue the two sides of it back together in preparation for three weeks on the road, I wonder again why we can’t just freaking use the soft-elicenser in Nuendo, please. Is there a practical reason not to? Didn’t think so. Please, folks. At least offer us some kind of option.

In other words, BUMP.


I’m really annoyed, too! Really annoyed. I have a great mobile setup with my laptop and was on the road a lot lately. And there were many unsuspected situations where I would have loved to open a project in Nuendo to look something up or make small edits because I had the time. But of course, my eLicenser was in my studio, plugged into my USB hub.

Also travelling with it is a recipe for disaster. You don’t leave it plugged in otherwise it’ll break the USB port and the eLicenser. If you plug it out, it begs to get lost. I’m really afraid taking it with me because such a small thing just gets lost and thus thousand dollars woth of licenses are gone or you have to do major hoop jumps to somehow get it back.

I also go from my studio to my office and sometimes in the office I would like to quickly open up the project and do something, but then, of course, the eLicenser is in the studio in the USB hub.

So anything that would FINALLY allow me to spontaneously use Nuendo when I have time, I’m in my office, I’m on the road and spontaneously can meet with a client… It would be awesome. But no. The eLicenser is many times exactly where it’s useless. Dongles are really a huge annoyance. Other vendors somehow can do stuff without it. Or at least switch to the soft version of it.

Please Steinberg, do it.


And… just to add another punctuation to my continuing rant… am on the road now and just had to glue my current dongle back together… hope it holds for the next two weeks of remote work.

For the love of Charlie, please make Nx work with the soft-elicenser!


This week alone I think I cursed on at least 3 different occasions that I cannot open Nuendo because I didn’t have my dongle with me. I went to a different client where I didn’t think I would have to use Nuendo, but then I had some spare time and would have loved doing some work, or I spontaneously wanted to show a client something… Nope. ERROR! All those people with a cracked version are better off.

I think currently this is the biggest source of my frustration, even before the sluggish GUI. What good is a software that you cannot use when you need it?

All of my dongles are held together with electrical tape… Ridiculous!