Allow Solo button to Solo Aux/FX channel

Example: I have an audio track sent to a reverb. I want to hear only the effect, so I press Solo on the aux track, but the Solo button of the audio track gets selected automatically too.

Then I have two options if I want to hear only that effect:

1- Use the Listen button with the maximum attenuation in order to hear a real solo of the effect.

2- Turn the send to pre-fader and move the fader down, losing the level I had set.

It goes without saying it is annoying and makes no sense.

Have never tried it myself (and I’m not at my machine to try now), but, this from P341 of the Operation Manual:-
• To activate exclusive solo mode, hold down Ctrl/Cmd and click Solo for the channel. The Solo buttons of all other channels are deactivated.

It might help…

Hi Puma0382

Unfortunately, the exclusive solo mode doesn’t work in this case.

I use that mode often and works fine, but it’s useless when you want to hear only a ‘FX’ channel. The audio track gets soloed too, although it shouldn’t…

Listen Is the only practical way in my opinion