Allow the transport bar to be located in the upper zone.

Allow the lower transport bar to be positioned just below the upper tool bar.

The new transport bar is a very cool addition, but I’d rather have all the tools in the upper zone, leaving the bottom zone more clean.

Just right click on the empty, grey area of the upper toolbar and add it from the menu.

I also would like to see the transport zone that is docked on the bottom be able to be docked at the top. I’m more likely to have extra windows covering the bottom of the project window, which would make many important features of the transport panel invisible.

Oh, I don’t meant to have only the transport buttons, but the whole bar. I mean, both bars in the upper part of the screen, leaving the lower part cleaner.


But I’ll take this a step further, from an old feature request… To save more space they should just make all the functions that are accessible in the transport panel to be optionally accessible in the Cubase top taskbar.

I think I’ll re-re-request it again. :sunglasses:

Regards :sunglasses:

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YES I totally agree

Edit: Oh, just noticed I could enable transport controls in upper zone. But BPM not possible to have there?