Allow Window to Be Resized Issue

In C Pro 11 I have issues with the ‘Allow windows to be resized’ function. With my UAD plugins as well as Waves plugins they display quite small. If I use the resize function the plugin is resized but it is disabled. This is true for all UAD as well as Waves plugins. I haven’t tried it with Soundtoys or Plugin Alliance plugins. When I instantiated GA5 I got a huge window and yet the content of GA5 didn’t fill in the window. This happened just pulling up GA5 and there was no ‘resize’ option. I have attached screen shots. In the other two screen shots with the Waves CLA plugin you can see that there is signal passing through the plugin in the normal state and in the resized state there is no signal passing through as if it has been bypassed.
I am using Windows 10 with and Invidia GeForce video card and a Samsung 55" 4k monitor and have had no such issues with C10 or C 10.5 but I haven’t been resizing the plugins in those versions and they appear about 40% larger than in C Pro 11. Hope this is sorted out soon

I am experiencing the similar issue .
what made my system usable was to make sure you are in 125% scaling (not 150% which is recommended by Win10 at 4k resolution with my monitor))
it does make everything a bit smaller but on my 32 inch 4k monitor i find it OK.
Now, plugin wise. Once you resize it, you need to remove it from your insert and reapply. The new instance of your plugin will open already resized and it will be active (not acting as if it were bypassed).
It is especially painful when working with an older project. as you must first open your plugin, copy your settings, enlarge the window, remove the plugin, reopen plugin and paste the settings.
unfortunately it has to be done to all plugins that have the sizing issue.
good news is, once you do it once, it stays activated across all projects.
I would love to hear if anyone has found a better solution.
Good luck , happy resizing

Well this just all seems like ridiculous bs to me. If Steinberg wants to offer resizing that’s great but work out the bugs first. It supposed to be about workflow and if one has twenty or thirty plugins in a project to jump through those hoops is ludicrous to me. Guess I’m goin back 10.5 for now

This needs to be fixed. I had to revert to C10.5

You can also try any Exponential Audio plugins too (PhoenixVerb, Nimbus, Excalibur, etc.)! Without the resize option the window opens cut in half every time … 1/2 then 1/4 until there’s nothing left! :smiley:

That solves nothing. I have 4 UAD cards, tons of UA, Waves and Plugin
Alliance. Don’t offer a feature if it doesn’t work properly or there has to
be workarounds. I am not the only on affected by this and Steinberg needs to
step up to the plate and at least address the problem

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Is there any news about this? It looked like the recent update was supposed to address the problem, but it didn’t. Or if it was meant to, it failed to do so.

This is true also for TDR and fabfilter plugins here. I installed the new update, need to check tomorrow if it works.

I think nothing is to be expected from Steinberg …