Allowed VST2 Plugins

I have allowed a VST2 plugin, but it doesn’t appear in the drop down list under inserts. In this case it is MIRpro reverb by Vienna Instruments (“VSL”). After “Apply” in preferences and a Dorico restart I should be able to find a “VSL” folder in my dropdown list, correct?

It seems you are on Mac. Maybe a M1 or M2? Did you try to start Dorico in Rosetta mode?

I’m on Mac mini (2018 - Intel), OS Monterey (12.6.3), Dorico 4.3.20


That menu doesn’t make it super clear, but you can scroll it: drag it upwards and you’ll see the VSL category revealed.

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Well, look at that! Thanks, Daniel. The list that ended at P should have been a clue…

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