Allowing the user to use a normal font for tuplet number?

Several of the publishers I work for require a specific font to be used for tuplet numbers. (For example: one publisher requires Warnock Pro; another just really dislikes the Bravura tuplet font, for whatever reason!) It seems in Dorico that the tuplet font needs to be a SMuFL font – very limiting, considering how few of those there are in the world! I know this would complicate some things, but allowing us the option of using a “normal” (i.e. OpenType) font would be really nice.

We do provide the option of bold and non-bold digits, as you may have found in Engraving Options.

Once it’s possible for you to edit the composites (as they are called) that Dorico uses for all of these important graphical items in the score, you’ll be able to do this. Not in the first update, but hopefully in the relatively near future.


Just to see if I got this right? I want to change the tuplet font to a sans serif but is this a feature that yet is not implemented?

Dorico is from heaven sent!

That’s correct: at the moment, you can only use either bold italic or regular italic digits, both of which sets come from Bravura. In due course it will be possible for you to customise these.

Ok many thanks!

By the way, were do I best report bugs?

The best place is here on the forum. Please try to include the minimal project that reproduces the problem if possible, as that will help us to understand the issue as quickly as possible.