Almost a Crash? Complete Lockup

Here’s a description of what I’m experiencing. The most bizarre crash I’ve ever seen…

-During playback the entire PC locks up. Mouse, screen, everything. No sound. PC returns from lockup and LoopBe informs me of midi feedback and that it is muting the midi port.

-Cubase 7 works fine. However, Cubase 8 is still in a totally unstable state. I’ll hear playback for a millisecond and then it will freeze again. Cubase GUI and meters appear to be frozen but video is still playing back. I was able to select a different track in Cubase 8. ASIO meter is maxed out in CB8. other than that, cubase 8 wont zoom in or out, completely unresponsive. Now the ASIO meter on CB8 went back to normal. Now it is back to being maxed out. Video stopped now. every few minutes the C8 GUI refreshes itself and then goes back to being frozen again.

Im actually able to move the cubase 8 video window and transport window still but they are both frozen now. shortly after doing that, now they both just disappeared.

sheesh. i may have to go back to Cubase 8.0.0 or earlier.

edit wow after at least 8 minutes of this behavior C8 returned enough for me to access file-save as. The transport functions now work, however the ASIO engine appears to be crashed, as the ASIO load is now 0 and there is no sound output. Now I attempt to change driver to “No Driver” and Cubase locks up for good. End Task. Any chance this is an issue with C8 new audio engine? That would explain why Cubase 7 still works and outputs sound while all of this is happening.

This just happened again, although it recovered and ASIO did not crash, I just had my mouse frozen for approximately 60 seconds. Annoying.

edit shortly after turning off ASIO guard the system locked up permanently. had to reboot and saw overclocking failed message. I restored bios to failsafe defaults. now the project crashes upon loading. DMP attached

Project loaded fine in CB 7.5 perhaps i will clear my c8 install
CrashDumps from bad (1.31 MB)

clearing C8 prefs allowed me to load the project. will update if it crashes again

an addendum to this post. I did detect RAM errors and replaced my ram. that fixed 90% of my issues. However, I did have this happen recently

Since getting my RAM replaced everyhting has been running great. However, occasionally I am getting a crash which causes Windows task manager to not come up. Then I hit Shut down or Restart, and this instantly results in a frozen mouse and unresponsive PC. Sometimes when this happens I see Chrome is unresponsive. Another time i activated asio guard, and this caused the same fatal crash (Cubase gets a “beachball” and windows froze when attempting a shutdown). some of the time I will return to cubase and find it unreponsive and it’s latest .bak file was corrupted.

The fact that changing ASIO guard setting caused Cubase to beachball is concerning.