Alphatrack and C7

I moved the Alphatrack dll into the “components” folder and it’s not showing up under remote control devices. I don’t know if Frontier has to write new drivers, Steinberg changed the file location or C7 doesn’t support the Alphatrack which I really hope is not the case or I’m missing something. Anybody know?


I really hope this is not the case. Frontier has discontinued support for Alphatrack. :confused:

Bummer I didn’t know that. It has basic functions in Mackie HUI mode until and if we find a solution. A new controller is on my list but I’d rather that be later than sooner.

Bummer this troubles me as well!


Menu “Device Setup” // “Device Setup…” // “Plus Button” in the upper left // Choose “Frontier Alphatrack”

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Are you confirming it works?

Confirmed BUT!! …I am not an Alpha Track Power User! The basic functions I used in C6.5 are working in C7 as well.

Before uninstalling C6.5, backup the “AlphaTrackCN64.dll”-file (Location: Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase 6/Components)
After installing C7, copy dll file to Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase 7/Components.
Open Cubase and go to: Menu “Device Setup” // “Device Setup…” // “Plus Button” in the upper left // and select “Frontier Alphatrack”
Then it shows under “Remote Devices”. Select it and set Midi In and Midi Out to “AlphaTrack”

worked for me…
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That’s exactly what I did and I didn’t uninstall 6.5 it but copied the dll to the Components folder and it doesn’t show up. Will keep digging

Duh. I copied over the 32 bit dll instead of the 64 bit. All is well now and sorry to alarm anyone :blush: