Alt-drag plugin in MixConsole

I love the possibility to alt-drag plugins between channels. However! In the manual it says that if there already is a plugin in slot where you drop, the plugin will be replaced. This does not seem to be the case. The existing plugins are moved to make place for the dropped plugin.

Often, you use the same plugin on similar tracks (e.g. backing vocals), and when you tweak one, you want to copy the new settings to the other tracks. This is so convenient to just drag-n-drop.

I am aware I can right-click and then copy/paste, but this is not at all as convenient.

I guess I should be able to Q-link the channels, but I need to remember to do this before I start tweaking. If I forget I need to go to absolute mode and then touch all parameters I have changed. And the plugins must be in the same slot. Lots of problems with this.

Why does it not just behave like it says in the manual?


I guess this was changed in the past couple years. Your link is to the v9 manual, but I imagine you’re on v11, based on the tag you added to this post, and what you said.

Copying Insert Effects

You can add insert effects to audio channels by copying them from other audio channels or from other slots of the same audio channel.


You have added at least one insert effect to an audio channel.


  1. Select Studio > MixConsole.
  2. In the Inserts rack, locate the insert effect that you want to copy.
  3. Hold down Alt/Opt, and drag the insert effect on an insert slot.


The insert effect is copied. If the destination slot already contains an insert effect, the previously existing effect is moved down one slot.

Hi, thanks! That\s embarrassing, how did I ever end up in the v9 doc? :slight_smile: Anyway. I am not too excited about how this works. But I guess/hope there was good reason for changing it.