Alt key equivalent for Mac


I noticed in some of the parts of the online manual, it doesn’t specify the Mac equivalent for “alt.” Just wanted to confirm it is always the “option” key? This is the part of the manual I am referring to:

but here, I see there is the option alternative listed:

Apple refers to that key in its documentation as Option (or Alt).

In fact, my Apple keyboard has the word ‘alt’ on that key. Original Macs used to have both words on the same key.

But yes, as far as Dorico is concerned: Alt is Option.

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Your first link refers to the version 1 manual - as denoted by the /v1/ in the URL. That manual hasn’t been updated for some time, and in the time since, the manuals team decided to include /Opt as well as the Alt key. That’s why you can see the Alt/Opt equivalent in the newer, 3.5 manual link (we do the same for Ctrl/Cmd).

It was an interesting point of discussion, as on my own macbook (now an older specimen, hailing from 2011) the key is labelled just “alt” - whereas now I believe they show “option” written out in full. As Macs now seem to be firmly in the “Option” camp, we decided it was necessary to clarify the key equivalence. For conciseness, the key commands we show in the manual use the abbreviated “Opt” but that is indeed the key that’s being referred to.