alt + key menus don't work anymore


with nuendo7 we can’t use all the amzing shortcuts offered by the Alt key like :
Alt+a+p+i = Pitch shift
Alt+a+p+v = reverse.

i used so many of these shortcuts for years i’ll loos many time giong with dead slow mouse to menu/submenu supersubmenu etc…

i don’t understand why an update can slow you down in your work.
why make such an unproductive choice ? it’s a fantastic feature that expand the overall shortcuts available by combinations of multiple keys. Please tell me this is a mistake and there’s something i have to set in nuendo or window…
i tried with 6.5 and it’s working even with (stupid) Aero theme in windows.

so i’m back to 6.5 for now… always the same with steinberg updates. i remember the mess from cubase 6 to 7 i had to work on 6 for month before stuff were fixed.

Am i the only one having this problem ?
can someone please help on this it’s really an issue.
my nuendo 7 doesn’t give me these Alt menu shortcuts anymore although Nuendo 6 does and every software i use on my computer work this way.

These look like user programmed key commands.
open up N6.5 and make sure you have saved your key commands.
then you can copy that xml file into the N7 folder

Mine are located (on PC)

Hope this is the issue.


hi thx for your help.
this sounded good advice but it doesn’t work.
and i alos tried to removed the nuendo 7 folder from App and rebooted computer. then created a new project but right there the Alt doesn’t work.

nuendo 6.5 is working fine so it’s definitely something in nuendo7
HO! saying so i realize somehting else.
on 6.5 if i have a window from say chrome above nuendo and i clic on nuendo background the nuendo windows appears on full screen and chrome goes behind (not visible)

on 7 if i clic on 7 background i can work on nuendo but the chrome stays on top visible (another thing anoying)
so for sure both version handle window differently.
to bad i prefer 6.5 :frowning:

update : —

i removes nuendo preference folder again then loaded the default Areo windows7 display, rebooted and launched nuendo. this is what happen :
when nuendo finish loading and without creating any project, the Alt menu works.
As soon as i create an empty project or load an old one the Alt function is not available and i get “blip” windows noise eache time i press Alt.
then if i close and reopen nuendo Alt+key never work (even without opened project)

i also realise that the virtual keyboard plays notes each time i press Alt + “letters” would that be the problem ?
for exemple if i press Alt+F i get that “bip” if i press Alt+z i get no sound because i have a shortcut maped to this combination. i find no where how to remove it (i never ever use it)

nuendo 6.5 keyboard:
if i load 6.5 then Alt key work perfect. But if i open the virtual keyboard on the transport then Alt key stops to work for menus and it is used for playing notes. But in 6.5 if you close the virtual keyboard panel then Alt key is work back for the menu navigation.

so my guess is that nuendo7 has the Alt+key mapped to virtual keyboard all time and that’s a misconception to me.
what do you think ? and developer here ?

I think there is something going on too. I’m trying the N7 trial and I copied my key commands over from 6.5. Some key commands with ALT were not working on my X-Keys. Changed to CTRL in Nuendo 7 and X-Keys and it works fine. Maybe I’ll investigate further.

hi sunsy what is Xkeys ? is it this dedicated keyboards :

i’m wondering if there’s a software way to map the WIN key to replace the Alt in this menu navigation.
not sure it would work because then the WIN would work as the Alt and therefore … don’t work with Nuendo7

Yes I have an old X-Keys unit. But am now transitioning to using Cubase IC Pro for the same maco functionality. Maybe you could try Sharp Keys?

… remaping will not work as Alt is used in ctrl+alt+del in case crash so no program actually allow to change it.

I was playing around with this, and it looks like, even though the underscores are gone from the menu items, hitting the corresponding key once the menu is open still works.

Here is an idea, though it’s not for everyone… Use autohotkey.

If you are into it, here is a script that opens the File menu on my 2560 x 1440 display. It has to be customized to fit, but it might be worth the trouble.

You would have to download Autohotkey, and paste the text below into it.

#SingleInstance, force
CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
!f:: ; whatever you want. I used the firtst letter of the menu, it's familiar.
Click, 45, 10, 0 ; Positions the mouse cursor over the menu name - you have to find the coordinates for the mouse click on your screen
Sleep 10 ; pauses the script for 10 milliseconds
Click ; clicks the menu. Now it is open and you can type the letters for your menu items.

I’m happy to help things along if you want to give it a go.

So what changed from Nunedo 6.5 and why Steve?

I wouldn’t really know, but I am assuming it’s at least partly due to the change in the way the windowing system works. (I am an external moderator, after all) :wink:

i assumed since a long time ago that this functionality had been removed. but every now and again, you know, out of sheer nostalgia for long-lost effective solutions, i try to hit the old ‘alt+’ combo and sometimes it would work. most of the times it wouldn’t. it should be looked into. just part of the ill conceived window-handling saga.

since a long time ago that this functionality had been removed

it’s only been since nuendo7.

i realised you can use letters for navigation once you cliked on the menu.
for previous Alt+m+u+l (legato for midi notes) you can clic MIDI menu with mouse than hit u+l.
but that’s a pain in the ass to 1-grab mouse 2-clic menu 3-go back keyboard 4-hit keys.

so i looked at SteveInChicago script on autohotkey but i don’t get all of it.
would the full script look like that for File/Edit/project seperated by 50 pixels ?
(how do you find the xy coordinates ?
how do you use a combination of keys rather then just “f”. is “AltGr+f” possible or “WIN+f” ? cause i never use the win shortcuts.

#SingleInstance, force
CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
!f:: ;
Click, 50, 10, 0 ;
Sleep 10 ;
Click ;

#SingleInstance, force
CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
!e:: ;
Click, 100, 10, 0 ;
Sleep 10 ;
Click ;

#SingleInstance, force
CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
!p:: ;
Click, 150, 10, 0 ;
Sleep 10 ;
Click ;

can you give more info on how is this working ?

Once you install autohotkey and run a script, an icon representing it appears in the windows tray. Right click on it and select “Window Spy”. A windows appears with info about the current mouse position and current active window.

To use different modifier keys change the ‘!’, which means ‘alt’ to ‘#’ for the Windows key or ‘^’ for the ctrl key. Other keys can be specified, too, see the docs section: List of Keys, Mouse Buttons, and Joystick Controls

There is a bit of a learning curve, but the Autohotkey documentation is excellent, and for editing scripts, I recommend SciTE4AutoHotkey. <–EDIT: this link is dead, just do an interwebs search for it.

Auothotkey is available at