ALT Modifier key for cutting midi notes in Drum editor?

Hello there,
everywhere in Cubase ALT+Left MouseButton cuts elements. In the project window, events can be cut by holding ALT, in the midi editor midi notes will be cut when holding ALT, but in the drum editor not.
Is there a way to work make this work? This becomes an issues especially when displaying the note length as in the screenshot.

I guess it’s an issue only if length display is active, as it would be irrelevant for notes without a length value. The length display feature was added after being requested a while back, but the Drum editor was not modified to become like the Key Editor.

The split command does work though.

Please note that I’m not here to debate the issue. If you want such a feature , add the tag.

Okay, that explains it a bit. It would be nice, if we we’d have access to all tool key modifiers, so we could assign the tool we need by ourselves. And in this case split/cut to ALT.