Alt - Mouse Click

When in the Project Window, using the Select Tool, I use the Alt/MouseClick on an event to activate the split tool. It’s very handy. I’d like to use (possibly) Ctrl/MouseClick to activate the glue tool. I can’t find where an assignment like this would be made. Is there one? Could there be one?

You can’t do exactly that, but maybe this is useful – add a convenient key command for the Glue tool. So it’s two separate keystrokes, but it can be quick.

Also there is a Glue command in Cubase 12 (maybe earlier versions too)

Key Commands>Edit>Glue



In the Preferences, you can setup lots of modifiers. But I’m afraid this is not possible.

Moreover, check if the Glue key command suits you. Ever since it came out, I don’t use the glue tool anymore. I just select the first thing to glue and press the key. (In my case, 4. I’ve swapped out the default glue tool assignment for the glue command instead)

The beauty of this is that I am still holding the last tool I had! (Most of the times the selection tool)

Edit: I’m probably sleepy, but I honestly didn’t notice steve had already suggested it!


Well, geeee!!! That’s terrific! Works like a charm. Thanks, Gents.

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