alt-shift-c doesn't work.

using elements2. under windows, I find the key command alt-shift-c does nothing.
Oddly alt-shift-[a|b|d|e|f|g] work. Just c doesn’t.
I’ve already turned off the graphics card’s hotkey mechanism and the print summary does show it is mapped to “Input Pitch ( Pitch: C, Up: true )”
Any ideas ?


What language is your keyboard layout? Depending on the language of the keyboard, there can be some issues with particular key combinations if that key produces for example an accented character or a diacritic designed for combination with another letter.

arg, sorry, this is user-error.
I found the program grabbing the keystroke.

btw, to debug these kind of issues, go to Preference->KeyCommands and type the keystroke into the “press shortcut” box.
If it doesn’t appear, another program grabbed it