Alt + Shift + note does not work on all notes - Solved

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Hello friends,
Little problem.
Alt + Shift + note does not work on all notes.
• Error in notes:
Alt + Shift + C and Alt + Shift + B
Does not change octave high
I will be doing something wrong??

Sorry, my english is not good :unamused:

Yes, I’m afraid this is caused by the handling of special keys on Mac keyboards that produce certain extended characters. I expect it to be somewhat improved in the 1.0.10 update, though I can’t guarantee that every possible keystroke will work on every possible language keyboard.

Many thanks Daniel
Greetings from Spain

Hello Carlos and Daniel.

I have just tried on my mac and I do not have that problem (I guess the B issue has already been exposed in a thread). My keyboard is in french mode.
If I choose american or english keyboard, I have the problem with the B, but still no problem with the C. It seems it is linked with localisation and a conflict between shortcuts…

Thanks Marc.