Alter Tempo on a Preset Drum Loop?

Tried making changes in the Tempo Track Editor dialog, I can adjust the Tempo Rec. slider during playback which changes the tempo but when i stop playback I get an error message: ‘Realtime algorithm has been cancelled because pitch or stretch factor lies outside the limits of the current preset’.

Is it possible to change the tempo of an existing drum loop?


I suppose that’s"Read The F**ckin’ Manual"? Thanks for your help.
I’m glad my graduate level music theory professor had a better attitude than you do.

BTW, I did RTFM. The tempo track displays the changed value and says it has changed in the tempo track bpm box in the inspector, the grid has shifted but the tempo does not change. And yes, I made sure that the tempo track is active.

If someone could offer a helpful suggestion, it would be appreciated.


use mediabay to browse your drum loops, select the lock tempo to track tempo button, then double click the loop to enter the project, the loop will then be locked to tempo and will be in warp mode and locked correctly to the tempo of the project