Altering Appearance of (add 9) in Chords

Hi Everyone,

I’m just starting with Dorico and starting to get the hang of it. That being said, I’m not sure if it’s possible to change the appearance of “(add 9)” chord symbols. For instance, I would like the chord change “Bb (add 9)” to be notated as “Bb (9)” with the (9) as a superscript as is somewhat customary in pop and jazz charts. I’m familiar with the engraving options for chords where you can have a custom appearance for specific chord symbols, but that seems to only apply to fully-formed chords, not just an alteration. In other words, if I I alter the display of “Bb (add 9)” to “Bb (9)” that will only affect that specific chord – so if there’s a “C (add 9)” change later in the piece, its display is not altered.

Is there a way to accomplish this currently?



I don’t think so. The superscript can be achieved, but the parentheses options don’t apply to G7 or G9.

If you want to use “add” for some chords and not others, then there is indeed no way around this except to define e.g. C(9), C#(9), Db(9), D(9) etc. in the Project Default Chord Symbol Appearances dialog – you can of course save these for use in other projects, so the work need be done only once.

If you never want to use “add” for anything in your project, then another approach is to edit the “add” component in the Edit Chord Symbol Appearance dialog and delete the “add” text from it, so that the component is empty. But only do this if you’re sure you never want to use “add” for any chord symbol in your project!

“delete the “add” text from it”

This is a useful idea!