Altering the default Mix Console preset ???

Does anyone know if the default Mix Console preset, when projects are closed, can be altered?

My x32 is set a recording interface and remote for Cubase (all faders & mutes over Tx/Rx). Whenever I close a Cubase project all the faders on the x32 return to zero and any mutes are removed (following Cubase). Not a big issue in itself except I have a control room mic set up on channel 30 and if I don’t remember to turn the monitors down when closing a project I get really bad feedback. :astonished:

I’d like to alter that default so I can keep channel 30 muted after closing a project.

think I’ve solved this myself, and if anyone needs to know…

I muted the input channel (30 in my case) in the actual project before closing closing it. muting doesn’t effect the talkback section so I’ll mute that channel in all relevant projects and resave. I’ll also alter my templates to have this channel muted by default.

Be interesting if anyone knows of another way.