Alternate Fingerings

Hi -

Is there a way to show alternate sets of fingerings with a line in between the two options? Like below, but a solid line?

1 2 3

2 3 4


It would be relatively easy to add this using the new line tool options, methinks.

interesting. I am looking at that now. Thanks.

how do I make the fingerings line up though? So they show in a flat line rather than following the notes?

Also, Can I make 2 lines of fingerings with no line, such as

1 2 3
2 3 4

Then I could just put a flat line in between

I guess I can just use the text tool and the line tool. Would be nice to do this in fingerings though if anyone knows how.


I’m glad you brought this up, Dave111. I have been requesting this functionality for several years. It is the biggest Dorico show-stopper for me.

And one might need to line up three or more sets of fingering similarly. Or one might need to position several alternative fingerings above, below or beside a single note. The problem is that the Dorico fingering tool cannot assign several individually moveable fingerings to a single note. Of course, the text tool could be used, but this is cumbersome. But I say this as a non-user; so perhaps someone will make my day and say it ain’t so.

A separating line is apparently now easy to accomplish with the line tool, so that is not an issue.

Yeah the line is easy. I figured that out. You can make horizontal lines of text as well, but you need to manually line up every fingering number with each note I guess. Also, not sure how to angle a line of text to automatically match the angle of a solid line or if this must be done manually as well.

You can create an alternative fingering and have it appear below the standard fingering, but only one alternative per note at present. John Ruggero wants to be able to show two or more alternatives for a single note, and at present that is not possible.

You create an alternative fingering by entering it in the popover in parentheses, e.g. 4(2) for a standard 4 and an alternative 2. On the Fingering page of Engraving Options, you can then set ‘Enclosure for alternative fingerings’ to ‘None’ and ‘Placement for alternative fingerings’ to ‘Below’. You may also want to increase ‘Vertical gap between fingerings’ to something larger than the 1/4 space default to make room for the line you want to add.

Thanks Daniel. Can you set the fingerings to appear horizontal (parallel to the bottom of the page or to a horizontal line?) rather than a set distance below the notehead?

Would be nice to have the ability to have more than two sets of fingerings at some point, but seems like it can be done manually if needed.

If you set ‘Minimum distance between outermost staff line and fingering’ to something sufficiently high (it’s 1 space by default) then you’ll end up with the fingerings essentially lined up further outside the staff.