Alternate methods for resizing audio events?

Are there any alternate methods for resizing audio events in Cubase besides grabbing the little hover-dots in the corners?

Specifically something like ‘Trim end to cursor’ or ‘Trim start to cursor’, but I’m open to hearing other things. Methods that work with group-editing are also a prime interest for me.

Thank you


Yes, you can Trim it via KeyCommands or hardware Controller. You can also type the Start, Length and End position in the Info Line, or you can click+drag or use mouse scroll wheel in the Info Line to set up the Start/End/Length points.

Which key commands for trim are you speaking of? I looked and didn’t find much, so I assume I was searching the wrong words.

Alt + left/right key arrow for the trim of the start point: Shift + Alt + left/right to Trim the end point. KeyCommands: Nudge > Start/End Left/Right.