Alternate Panning

Hey everyone,
I’m looking to simulate what some older Roland synths used to do and create a program with alternate panning. In the manual it says if Alternate Pan is set to -100% the first note you play will be panned hard left and the next note will be hard right and so on. I’ve tried some default synth and sample layers without much success - while there is some panning it is minimal and not the hard left/right panning I’d expect. I have the latest updates Halion 6 on a Mac.


Confirmed a couple things since my original post. Panning works properly if touch onscreen keyboard with your mouse. It does not work via MIDI - panning is dead center. I’ve also tried this on Windows with the exact same results. Clearly a bug.

are you able to reproduce that with the Standalone version as well?

best regards
Gerrit Junge

My apologies for not seeing your response. This was oddly a temporary issue. I can’t explain it but it has resolved itself.