Alternating flashing red lights

I have alternating peak and 48v flashing red lights.
Sequence of events was: Windows 10 updated. This usually requires re-installation of the Tools software and driver (annoyingly) so I assumed I would have to do this and couldn’t see anything wrong with doing that anyway.
I uninstalled all the software and driver.
I looked on Steinberg website to see if there were any updates rather than just re-installing the same software from previous downloads.
There was a software and a firmware update available.
I tried to install the firmware but I got a message saying I needed to install the driver first (so firmware update did not start).
I installed the latest drivers and software. Then I noticed the flashing red lights on the unit.
Now it won’t work.
Does anyone know how to get my unit working again? I am coming to the end of my patience with this unit. When it works it’s great. But too many times it doesn’t work. My PC is very powerful and less than one year old. I am using a short USB C cable.
It makes no difference if I use the power supply. Same problem.
Thanks guys.

If you try to update the firmware now?

I was going to do that but then worried it might make it worse.
I thought I would ask here first.

My first attempt to update firmware failed halfway through. It said something about usb connection error. The lights kept flashing and the unit was not operational. Running the update again went ok. Now it works fine.

Ok thanks for that. With firmware I’m always “Wary”!

Ok, so I went ahead with the firmware update and, after several shutdowns and resetting the driver preference I’m back working again.
Windows decided it needed another update, so I decided to uninstall and re-install everything again.
I’m not looking forward to the next update when I will have to do this all again.