Alternative for DirectWire (routing)

Previously I used mostly ESI products. When I need to route signal I can drag outputs to inputs… So I can connect absolutely different output/inputs and it works fine in real-time. But it is native feature for ESI products and named “DirectWire”.

Can I do the same for Steinberg products in any way? For example for now I have UR22 mkII and I’m trying to route its output to its own input…

I guess Virtual Audio Cable can do something for me but does Steinberg provides anything native?

Answering my question myself…
It looks that I cannot have full-featured alternative for DirectWire.


After firmware updating for my UR22mkII I am able to get what I want. Now Loopback Stereo Mix option in drivers works as expected.

I can say goodbye Voicemeter and Virtual Audio Cable… they both works… but sometimes unstable, sometimes wrong. with own limitations and so on.

So it is much better to get features from the box (device manufacture).

I still haven’t figured out how to properly use Loopback yet