Alternative for inputting rhythms

As someone raised in the whole-half-quarter notational system, it rather gives me a headache to have to type a 5 for an eighth note. Just as we have different keyboard layouts for different Roman alphabet languages, couldn’t Dorico offer non-British users an alternately configured interpretation of the numeric pad so that typing 1 gives you a whole note, 2 a half, 4 a quarter, 8 an eighth, 16 a sixteenth, and so forth? And continuing on logically from that 12 would give a triplet eighth.

You can already re-assign the key commands for single-note durations as you wish. Except for triplets. I don’t think the half-double concept is uniquely British. Now the odd names for durations, on the other hand… :wink:

And how would you type a 16, exactly? How would it know you wanted a 1 and 6 combined, rather than a 1, and then a separate 6?

I’d suggest users can really adapt to whatever they regularly use. Give Dorico’s mappings a chance.

I use the middle 5 for a quarter note, as some kind of central point, and take it from there. Makes a little more sense to me. Oh, and I use the numpad…

Cheers, Benji

I remember one notation program (I’ve forgotten its name) that used 1, 2, 4, 8, and then 6 for 16th-notes and 3 for 32nd-notes. It didn’t support 64th-notes at all.

As for “odd” note names, “croche” in French means “quaver” not “crotchet” :slight_smile:

Me too. Actually, I’ve thought about making the note values decrease from left to right on the keypad, so 4 is a quarter note, 5 and 8th, and 6 a 16th. That would make 4 and 6 fairly memorable. But I haven’t “field-tested” that idea yet.