Alternative symbols for time signature


I would like to use Bach’s cut time symbol, that should be included in Dorico’s font set:


But how can I replace this glyph to the standard one?


You might be able to copy it from the following web page and paste it in as text of one sort or another. Other, more experienced, Dorico users will hopefully be able to explain the best way(s) of handling it.

I admit that what I have suggested is more of a workaround than a solution, but it’s the first thing I thought of. Doubtless there will be other, much better ways of achieving the result you want especially if you need to use it often. Hacking the glyphnames.json file might be a way of doing it (only a guess), but extreme care needs to be exercised when doing that.

If the aim is to replace the cutC symbol with this cut2, you can do that in Dorico within the Music Symbols Editor.


Thank you, you cut it! I totally forgot the Music Symbols editor is for all the music symbols!