Alternative to Gate

Sometimes, I want a gate effect but I want something more musical, less technical and rigid.

Like I want to take a loop and smoothly contour over the peaks and gently fade the quiet sections out. The gates I tried were choppy and had way too much zipper effect. Even with hysterises (sp)

I think there may be a compression mode that can do this, is there?

Or is there a special plugin or process available that can do this? I do not want to manually automate if I can help it.

Cubase’ gate has the range parameter to make it less choppy. As an alternative try the Expander.

Third party:

Both should be able to deliver good results.

Yeah, I did try the range knob on the Cubase for quite a bit, still did not get there - the range is like a threshold, but I think I need more of a speed control.

Like almost if i had a variable attack/release based on audio level…

Expansion would bring up the quiet parts, i thought - but maybe there is a kind of downward expansion.