Alternatives to Waves Musicians plug-ins

Sorry the title’s a bit generic.

I’ve almost finished installing everything on my new Windows 7 64bit DAW (with 32bit host) and I’ve discovered that the 32bit waves v5.0 plug-ins refuse to even attempt to install. Only the v8.0 versions are Windows 7 64bit compatible. I don’t want to buy them again now and then buy them again when Waves release native 64bit versions (and WUP is out of the question - I would have paid for each plug-in several times over under WUP by now) so I’m looking for similar sounding plug-ins. Ideally they would have a broadly similar UI too.

I’ve already got a suitable replacement for the Renaissance EQ (UAD Cambidge) so I’m looking for something to replace the SuperTap Delay and the Renaissance Compressor. Something to replace Renaissance Vox, Renaissance Axx and Doubler would also be nice but are much less of a priority.

Of course, if any of them are available free and in 64bit versions that would be the icing on the cake :slight_smile:

Any recommendations greatly appreciated.


What UAD are you hooked into so far?
Also, the GUI is not the same but the functionality of Voxengo’s stuff is simply superb for the money.
Try these: (also works well on other things apart from Drums)
For the compressor, I cannot say enough good things about Dave Gamble’s Compassion

Delays are a bit more tricky, as I simply do not know the Waves plugins at all (never bothered buying them - just too dear) and can only really recommend what I use, which is a combination of the PSP Lexicon 42, the 2 UAD Tape Echo plugins (the Roland Space Echo & the EchoPlex sound so different it’s necessary to have them both I think) and Bootsy’s Nasty DLA

Hope this helps.

Hi Neil and thanks for the recommendations.

I don’t have any of the UAD delays but none of them are very much like the Waves SuperTap anyway. The SuperTap has up to 6 (I think) concurrent delays, each of which can be tempo-synced or timed to different delay times, placed at a different place in the stereo field and have different EQ filters applied.

In terms of compressors I generally only use the Waves ones when I run out of DSP on my UAD-1 and UAD-2 (I have the LA2A, the dbx160 and the 1176LN which between them cover all my needs).

As it happens, since I posted the original message, Waves have begun a sale and most of their plug-ins are now half price. There’s a lot to be said for being able to grab and use a familiar tool quickly so I may re-buy them after all. Particularly as I still haven’t found anything similar to the SuperTap - but I will investigate the ones you mentioned.

Thanks again,


Having said that, I’ve just discovered Audio Damage Ricochet which looks really good and is even cheaper than a half-price Waves SuperTap.


Just a quick update to say that I bought Ricochet and am very pleased with it but I still need a replacement for the Waves Renaissance compressor.

Neil - I did look at the compressors you mentioned but none of them seemed as simple to use as the Waves one and some were more expensive too.

Any other recommendations for a very simple, reasonably priced compressor available in 32 & 64bit versions anyone?

Thanks again,


I always thought you could buy WUP coverage whenever you want to upgrade. From Waves site:

Renew your coverage only when you want to. You don’t have to renew it every year.

So … isn’t it right now the perfect time to buy WUP: 64-bit versions should be coming any day (or month) now

Yeah, Waves announced at Namm they would release version 9 (64 bit and usb stick/cloud authorizing) in March.

Hi there :slight_smile:
Here’s an alternative to the waves supertap:

From what I can recon it has the same funtionality.

As an alternative to the rcomp I can recommend this:

Much better than the rcomp, it is pretty expensive, but it does support win7 and 64bit.

All the best, Kim :slight_smile: