Altiverb 7 released

Altiverb 7 currently requires a Mac, the Windows version is not available yet.

blooming lovely it is too.

Sucks, doesn’t it!

Let’s buy an i7 PC for every MacUser…

(Don’t miss the :wink: in this NOT serious post…)

Big K

Whats so great about, Max? curious…

It doesn’t look particularly earth shattering to me, but then again I’m using it for music, not Post, and I already have better options than AV6.

The one part that needs improving for me is the stage placement, which doesn’t’ work that well in AV6. there are also times when the sound is somehow bounced around from left to right, depending on what frequency it is. This may just be the IRs I’ve tried, but it has happened with all of them. I hope that AV7 has attended to these issues, but as it’s mac only I can’t upgrade one of my machines to try it.


The Alterverb 7 page even looks like the pages. I wonder if we are in for an exclusive Mac issue for some period of time, like with the Euphonix Artist series. I have an iPhone, an iPad, and an iMac for the family (record on a PC), so obviously I don’t hate Macs or Apple, but I really think the exclusivity and closed format stuff is ridiculous. I am probably jumping the gun, and Altiverb 7 will be available for PC soon, but it sure LOOKS like an Apple/Mac page!! Excuse the rant.

for me:

it loads quicker
new browser for irs is far more efficient
new ‘similar’ function makes auditioning far far faster
reverb modulation is lovely

+1 - don’t forget - it sounds very natural … lovely …

Unfortunately the Windows version is nowhere in sight, and from what I have understood from the AudioEase people, it isn’t for tomorrow …


Yeah, but watch out for third party IRs for example Simplicity’s Bricasti M7 ones

It won’t recognise the names and your Nuendo will crash. I had to go back to Altiverb 6 to finish songs that wouldn’t load with Altiverb 7

Apparently theres a 7.0.3 bug fix early next week, here’s hoping it works

Does look good though!

Any insiders here? When will it finally be available for windows users? Is it such a hard deal to programm a windows version?

It does seem a little daft, doesn’t it!

AudioEase says they are working on it, but no ETA yet.

Which is more or less good news, 'cause the last time I spoke to them I got the impression that the Windows version wasn’t even planned yet.


cause the last time I spoke to them I got the impression that the Windows version wasn’t even planned yet.

I cannot believe that they do not need us windows-users any longer…

Unfortunately there is no other ir-reverb with such a big and post-suitable library at the moment, i guess…

…now it’s more than one year, those guys show up the windows users…
Can’t believe that!

I was quite keen to buy A7, when I heard was is being released.
Now, a just too long time ago, there is still no sign of Win A7?
What can WE do? We could all send them mails…again … and request a windows version once more.
Are there so few AltiVerb users on Win OS? Hard to believe…
It really seems like an Apple exclusive deal to me, too. What company would
want to miss out on all those sales towards Win users, for no reason?

Big K

Can you begin to imagine the furore if this was the other way around?


What do you mean, Neil?
Apple writing letters to all of us … begging for a Window Version of Altiver7?


Big K

I was trying (and obviously getting it wrong) to be amusing - thinking what amount of whining & complaining there would be if it had been 12 months of AV7 for Windows only with no Mac version…