Altiverb Causing Hangs

Altiverb is one of my favorite reverb plugins (and one of my most expensive), but since updating Cubase, it’s started to cause the project to hang when I close it. This wasn’t always the case. Cubase worked as expected, but each update since, the issue exists. I’ve rebuilt my machine from scratch and only installed Cubase and Altiverb and the problem remains. Here are some details:

Windows 7-64
Cubase 6 & 6.5.1 (32 bit)
Altiverb 6 (latest ver for PC)
Delta 1010

How to reproduce:
Load an empty project into Cubase ver 6.0.3, 6.0.4, 6.5 or 6.5.1
Add either a stereo track or effect channel
Assign Altiverb 6 to an insert or a send
Save project
Close project

Occasionally Cubase will recover after several seconds, but not always.

Altiverb has some reg bombs to disable Quicktime and/or Open GL. I’ve attempted both of these, with no luck. Altiverb likely has some fault in this, since all my other plugins work great in 6.5.1, but since it worked just fine in, I’m wondering if some issues lie with Cubase as well.

Any ideas?

How to produce? Ive been using it on every update Q6 NEVER had any issues with Alti. Dont buiild your coputers from scracth, buy mac and you are all done. I learned the hardway too, been building pc-s 11years. No more and no more issues.

I really doubt the cause is hardware related. A6 is running OK on thousands of PCs. More likely it’s a program bug. Even though Audioease says it should work OK in a 32 bit host on a 64 bit OS, I’ve had problems like this in Cubase for longer than I can remember. It works fine in SONAR under the same hardware configuration. Every other plugin I use works in C6 without any issues.

Audioease came to the 64 bit party quite late, and I’m afraid they still don’t understand all of the software/OS interactions even now. Since they’ve stopped bug fixes for A6, I think you’ll just have to put up with the inconvenience
until they release A7 for Windows. Then, of course, there’ll be the post-release bugs. They’ll get it right eventually.

There is a very long post about C6 hanging on exit in which some people solved by renaming videoengine.dll (no good if you use video of course)
With Altiverb also suggesting graphics fixes I wonder if this may work for you?

Hey Grim, thanks. That seems to help. Cubase still take a while to close a project, but it seems to have stopped crashing. I was having little luck searching the forums, so I sincerely appreciate your advice. Hopefully Steinberg recognises this as a legitimate issue and can address it in some future release.

The trick I found was to disable the QT component of AV6. You lose the ability to pan around the studios in AV but it no longer hangs on exit :slight_smile: